Montréal, le 5 avril 2001
T   R   A   N   S   L   A   T   I   O    N

From the Tips
of His Fingers

Percussionist Ganesh Anandan Returns

• Yves Bernard

FingerWorks, the first album by this Montreal percussionist of Indian origin, was a great discovery when it appeared two years ago. Trained in the Karnatak musical tradition of South India, composer and improviser Anandan’s work on traditional and invented frame-drums is a brilliant exploration of the rhythmic language of the hands, from the palms to the fingertips.

Glissandos, rhythm melodies, drum-sticks, scratching and jingles – its all here. “My approach, my vocabulary and my rhythms are definitely Karnatak, but I transpose my techniques onto different types of playing surfaces, such as the Irish Bodhran, the Indian Kanjera and the Egyptian Rik. I also invent my own instruments. All this extends my creative possibilities,” says Anandan.

This time around, a funkier lineup that marks a new phase for Anandan. His new performance features the two original percussionists from his FingerWorks trio, along with electric and acoustic bass, saxophone, oboe, clarinet, guitar and drums. Joining this eclectic mix of local musicians is Carlo Rizzo, a master of traditional Italian tambourines, for whom Anandan has composed a few pieces – a promising combination!