Montréal, le 18 janvier 1996
T   R   A   N   S   L   A   T   I   O    N

L’espace Shruthi
et la 3e Oreille

Dominique Olivier

The subject of globalization is a recurring theme in the local and international press. Less emphasized of course, is the theme of the failure of contemporary music. At first glance there is little connection between the two phenomenon, but their relationship is clear in the musical avant-guard. L’espace Shruthi et la 3e Oreille is a good example.

A glance at the esthetic program of these two local percussionists, Ganesh Anandan and Claude Lépine is revealing: “To trigger an altered state of listening. To reveal an aural dimension free from rational discriminations. To awaken a faculty largely unused in this post-industrial age: the third ear. The signature of the 3e Oreille Ensemble: uncommon sounds and micro-tonal music for invented and modified instruments.”

L’espace Shruthi is also an exposition-performance, uniting music and sculpture. Inspired by a desire to combine European and Indian heritages with a contemporary expressive energy, it results from the complimentary collaboration of two creators. Ganesh Anandan, in addition to being a composer and percussionist is also an inventor. Paskal Dufaux is a sonic sculptor. The design and creation of the instruments is the work of Ganesh Anandan, the design and creation of the sonic architecture is that of Paskal Dufaux and the music is composed and interpreted by Claude Lépine and Ganesh Anandan.

The combination of all these elements seems hard to imagine. The installation is described as a dreamlike and surreal landscape in which Indian inspired experimental music inhabits a gothic sound sculpture, a metallic and resonant cathedral. The melodic and percussive instruments explore the microtones, from whence comes the term “shruthi” – the twenty two intervals that subdivide the octave of Indian music. For more information, visit Théâtre la Chapelle, from the 18 to the 28 of January, at 8:00pm.