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                                number   405
                                week       2


"SPEAKING IN TONGUES" (CD by Ambiances Magnétiques)

––– by Dolf Mulder

Several years ago Goldstein (violin) and Rainer Wiens (prepared
guitar) released 'Chants Cachés' on Ambiances Magnétiques. An album
of authentic free music and outstanding collective playing. Then they
were accompanied by John Heward on percussion. Now they are joined by
Ganesh Anandan (frame drum, modified tambourines, metallophone,
chneg, steel drum, kalimba, paou). Plus Frank Lozano playing sax on
one track.
Percussionist, composer and instrument builder Ganesh Anandan comes
from Bangalore city (India) where he studied Karnatic music. In the
70's he settled himself in Canada where he further developped his
personal playing style, combining the karnatic method with finger
drumming techniques. Over the years he played with musicians and
groups like Glen Velez, Oregon, slide guitarists Bob Brozman and
Debashish Batacharya, Carlo Rizzo (polytimbral tambourine), etc.
Since 1998 he has his own trio of frame drummers 'Fingerworks'.
Recently he released a cd with Patrick Graham as percussion duo GaPa.
One of the invited guests is Rainer Wiens. Wiens is an accomplished
guitarplayer in the context of contemporary jazz and improvised
music. As a composer he profiled himself with works for film,
television, dance and theatre. Malcolm Goldstein (Brooklyn,1936), is
a most fascinating improviser. He inspired composers like John Cage,
Pauline Oliveros, Hans Otte, James Tenney and Ornette Coleman,
composing for solo violin. For this I can refer to his solo ce
'Sounding the New Violin'.
Since early 60s he has been active presenting new music and dance. He
is co-founder of the Tone Roads Ensemble and a participant in the
Judson Dance Theater, the New York Festival of the Avant Garde and
the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Throughout North-America and
Europe he gave solo concerts and is involved as soloist in many new
music and dance ensembles.
Because of the very different backgrounds this trio really is one of
a kind. Especially the percussion techniques of Ganesh Anandan, and
the indian musical tradition he brings in, make this one different
from the usual western improvised music.
But it's the playing of Goldstein that is most prominent and
impressive on this new cd. His playing directly goes to your soul.
But Wiens and Anandan are also very good and interesting players. So
their is a good interplay of creative forces here. Their
improvisations are very lively and emotional, and of a very high
musical level. They proove once more that improvised music really is
an art of it's own (DM).
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