Montréal, le 5 avril 2001
T   R   A   N   S   L   A   T   I   O    N

New Instructions

François Tousignant

Tonight at Théâtre La Chapelle, Ganesh Anandan returns with a generous sampling of everything his magic fingers and original imagination can find to create new and seductive music with drums, machines and computers. On the menu: lots of exotic, classical and bizarre instruments, old and new, to clean the ears and vibrate the body with rhythms ranging from traditional to commercial to experimental. A night at Théâtre La Chapelle (TLC for those in the know), is a trip off of the beaten track, a hopeful proposal of more than the usual and conventional in music. New music lovers are already delighted, and Ganesh Anandan, who already has a devoted following, hopes to deliver the goods with such collaborators as Carlo Rizzo (Italian and invented tambourines), Claude Maheu (saxophone and oboe), and Tommy Babin (bass). Not to forget regular Anandan collaborators, percussionists Patrick Graham and François Taillefer.