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The Shruti stick

I thought about an instrument that could combine the melodic aspect
of the santoor (the asian hammer dolcimer), the prepared guitar and percussion. I designed the six string Shruti Stick, a small bodied, 22 fret, electric instrument. And after six months of experimentation, I felt I needed a wider range of notes and octaves so I widened the fretboard to accommodate 12 strings – six guitar and six bass
strings. Both instruments are tuned in a variety of ways to match my other Shruti instruments such as the metallophone, tuned wood blocks and others (
Espace Shruti).

Shruti Stick 01.mp3

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Shruti metallophone was constructed in the Indian22 shruti tuning system. Composed and played by Ganesh Anandan.


  South Indian traditional drumming techniques and modern western ideas have collided. I use two hands and all my fingers with as much independence from one another as possible, to try and play as many different parts simultaneously.

   exploration 01.mp3   exploration 02.mp3   exploration 03.mp3

Hands-on book Publication d’un livre
An educational “Hands on book” and DVD on the Karnatic approach to drumming on frame drums and alternative surfaces. Subjects include: solkattu, theka, korvai and mora.
Released in Nov. 04.

Publication d’un livre présentant la méthode et le doigté karnatique adapté pour frame drums et surfaces alternatives, traitant des solkattus, des thekas, des korvais et des moras.
Publié en nov. 04.

Solkattu — PDF, 35 k
Grooving solkattu.mp3
Permutation 1.mp3
Permutation 2.mp3

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