Balancing In-Between

              Balancing In-Between

A solo Inter-disciplinary performance combining sonic and visual story telling


1stpart - Solo Music (25 min.).

Spontaneous compositions with self designed instruments originally built with Indian shruti tunings, gamelan and other tunings. Three sets of tuned Micro-Tonal Metallophones (1995), Self designed electric prepared Shruti Sticks (6 & 12 string, 2002), a bass drum & cymbals.

2ndpart - Present time music reflected in Light and Shadows (12 - 15 min.).

The music is based on an accidental discovery in 2011, when light shone on my instruments and

“a real time shadow film” appeared on the wall. As I plucked the strings, the shadows of the preparations

on the strings moved and danced.

3rd part - The above event of light and shadows from my instrument, developed into short stories and films.

A mythological fiction shadow theatre film "When Hanuman met Kong" (7 min.), with English and German sub-titles & music.

4th part - "Krishna's wife" an eye witness account of an event in 1972 (10 min.)

A shadow theatre film with English narration and German sub-titles & live music.